Rick Doblin’s best interview ever

Rick Doblin with his wolf

Since MDMA Therapy is essentially healing-with-love, to end 2021 on a total love note, I would like to share with you a 6-minute interview Rick did with Sara Rose Siskind that will likely make your heart grow.  

VIDEO: “MDMA Assisted Therapy: Ethics and Law” – One day webinar conference – November 7, 2020

World’s leading researchers gathered for one day for an in-depth discussion of ethical, clinical, and legal issues related to MDMA-Assisted Therapy, a new form of therapy that combines psychological treatment and a powerful psychoactive MDMA medication. SCHEDULE Legalization and medicalization of MDMA ZACH WALSHPsychology Department at University, British Columbia MDMA-Assisted Relationship Therapy: Therapeutic Roots and […]