“Manual for Psychedelic Guides” with Mark Haden – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #10

Working within the Harm Reduction approach, Mark Haden (Director of Research @ PsyGen, Professor of Public Health @ UBC, and Former Executive Director of MAPS Canada) discusses his book "Manual for Psychedelic Guides." Mark's insights are also applicable to MDMA-Assisted Therapy and other Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies.

“BREAKING NEWS: Canadian Drug Laws Amended to Allow Restricted Access to MDMA-Assisted Therapy” with Scott Bernstein – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #9

Scott Bernstein, a drug policy and human rights lawyer, discusses the January 5, 2022 news-making amendment to Canadian drug laws that has direct implications for access to MDMA Assisted Therapy. Is this big news or not? What does the amendment mean? Who might be eligible for MDMA-Assisted Therapy? Is Canada leading the world? And what is the next step in the process of making MDMA-Assisted Therapy available to Canadians in need?

“There’s no casual MDMA experience” with Andrea Jungaberle – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #8

“Inside the MAPS MDMA-Assisted Therapy Training Program” with Shannon Carlin – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #7

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has just launched the world’s first and much anticipated MDMA-Assisted Therapy Training Program.

“The most important MDMA-Assisted Therapy study to date” with Ingmar Gorman – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #6

New York psychologist Ingmar Gorman, one of the principal investigators on FDA approval research for MDMA-Assisted Therapy, discusses recent results from a pivotal study that some argue might revolutionize the future of mental health and well being.

“MDMA Therapy for Alcohol Abuse” with Ben Sessa – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #5

An MDMA Therapy pioneer, a UK psychiatrist Ben Sessa, discusses groundbreaking novel research on MDMA Therapy for Alcohol Abuse.

“A Personal Account of the Healing Power of MDMA Therapy” with Lori Tipton – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #4

In this episode, Lori describes how MDMA-Assisted Therapy helped her heal trauma. Lori is awash in gratitude and clarity of rare proportions. This is a powerful personal testimony that is bound to open your heart.

“MDMA, Oxytocin, and Healing Broken Bonds” with Gül Dölen – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #3

Gül describes recent ground-breaking neuroscientific discoveries that explain how MDMA-Assisted Therapy might heal relationships.

“Inside Berlin’s MIND Foundation” with Henrik Jungaberle – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #2

Berlin's MIND Foundation is one of Europe's largest psychedelic therapy organizations with global aspirations. MIND has a range of amazing programs for therapists, academics, and anyone else interested in new psychedelic therapies.

“MDMA-Assisted Therapy 2020” with Rick Doblin – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #1

That's right, we started a new podcast focussed on MDMA-Assisted Therapy, and in a broader sense on other Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies. The goal of this podcast is to connect you with world's leading experts, provide you with high quality educational information, and hopefully have some fun.