Thank you MAPS for 35 years of hard work!

Imagine 35 years ago. Just as the FDA is about to place the love drug MDMA on Schedule 1 (Totally bad!!! Totally illegal!!!), Rick Doblin, whose heart grew a few sizes too big (I imagine partially because of MDMA), decides that the way to bring MDMA to therapy is not through underground practices but through legal means.

MDMA Therapy Training Available Now  

This is the news many people have been waiting for: MAPS Public Benefit Corporation has now opened the applications for MDMA-Assisted Therapy training outside the research context!

MDMA-Assisted Therapy Good News

In this blog we share some great research and legislative news, release the report from our November conference, introduce Canadian Psychedelic Association, share an invite to an international research survey, and of course invite you to listen to the interview with Gül Dölen who talks about her brand new research that explains how MDMA-Assisted Therapy might heal broken relationships.