MDMA-Assisted Therapy — One step closer to FDA approval

MDMA-Assisted Therapy (MAT) is one step closer to becoming medically available. After an epic 36-year long journey, the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation has completed data collection for the Phase 3 study of MAT for PTSD. As of November 22, 2022, the data set has been locked and is now ready for statistical analysis.

“The Canadian Psychedelic Survey”

First large Canadain Psychedelic Survey sponsored by MAPS PBC, Psygen, and SABI Mind, in collaboration with academics from Johns Hopkins, UCLA, University of Alabama, University of Michigan, Cleveland Clinic, McMaster, McGill, and UBC. 

“BREAKING NEWS: Canadian Drug Laws Amended to Allow Restricted Access to MDMA-Assisted Therapy” with Scott Bernstein – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #9

Scott Bernstein, a drug policy and human rights lawyer, discusses the January 5, 2022 news-making amendment to Canadian drug laws that has direct implications for access to MDMA Assisted Therapy. Is this big news or not? What does the amendment mean? Who might be eligible for MDMA-Assisted Therapy? Is Canada leading the world? And what is the next step in the process of making MDMA-Assisted Therapy available to Canadians in need?

Rick Doblin’s best interview ever

Rick Doblin with his wolf

Since MDMA Therapy is essentially healing-with-love, to end 2021 on a total love note, I would like to share with you a 6-minute interview Rick did with Sara Rose Siskind that will likely make your heart grow.  

“There’s no casual MDMA experience” with Andrea Jungaberle – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #8

What a great chat with Dr. Andrea Jungaberle, the co-founder of Berlin’s MIND Foundation, one of the largest European psychedelic-assisted therapy thinktanks. With her very thoughtful and cautionary approach, Andrea talks about the ethics of disruptive therapies such as MDMA Therapy, the dangers implicit in forming strong and speedy connections, the special responsibilities of training organizations […]