“The Canadian Psychedelic Survey”

First large Canadain Psychedelic Survey sponsored by MAPS PBC, Psygen, and SABI Mind, in collaboration with academics from Johns Hopkins, UCLA, University of Alabama, University of Michigan, Cleveland Clinic, McMaster, McGill, and UBC. 

Rick Doblin’s best interview ever

Rick Doblin with his wolf

Since MDMA Therapy is essentially healing-with-love, to end 2021 on a total love note, I would like to share with you a 6-minute interview Rick did with Sara Rose Siskind that will likely make your heart grow.  

Thank you MAPS for 35 years of hard work!

Imagine 35 years ago. Just as the FDA is about to place the love drug MDMA on Schedule 1 (Totally bad!!! Totally illegal!!!), Rick Doblin, whose heart grew a few sizes too big (I imagine partially because of MDMA), decides that the way to bring MDMA to therapy is not through underground practices but through legal means.

MDMA Therapy Training Available Now  

This is the news many people have been waiting for: MAPS Public Benefit Corporation has now opened the applications for MDMA-Assisted Therapy training outside the research context!