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“MDMA Therapy for Alcohol Abuse” with Ben Sessa – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #5
An MDMA Therapy pioneer, a UK psychiatrist Ben Sessa, discusses groundbreaking novel research on…
“A Personal Account of the Healing Power of MDMA Therapy” with Lori Tipton – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #4
In this episode, Lori describes how MDMA-Assisted Therapy helped her heal trauma. Lori is…
“MDMA, Oxytocin, and Healing Broken Bonds” with Gül Dölen – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #3
Gül describes recent ground-breaking neuroscientific discoveries that explain how MDMA-Assisted Therapy might heal relationships….
“Inside Berlin’s MIND Foundation” with Henrik Jungaberle – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #2
Berlin’s MIND Foundation is one of Europe’s largest psychedelic therapy organizations with global aspirations….
“MDMA-Assisted Therapy 2020” with Rick Doblin – ENHANCED THERAPY PODCAST #1
That’s right, we started a new podcast focussed on MDMA-Assisted Therapy, and in a…

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