MDMA-Assisted Therapy
Introductory Group Training
For Manitoba Healthcare Professionals

Led by Darek Dawda, Clinical Psychologist & Jessica Gonzalez, Gestalt Psychotherapist

Enhanced Therapy Institute (ETI) is now offering a FREE introductory MDMA-Assisted Therapy group training for Manitoba Healthcare Professionals. This group is an introduction to basic concepts and methods of MDMA-Assisted Therapy. Experiential exercises aimed at the integration of the material are a part of this training.

In-person bi-weekly groups are held in Winnipeg on Thursday evenings. In order to receive certificate of completion, you will have to attend all four groups.

To apply please email your CV to

* ETI is a professional group preparing for the medical delivery of MDMA-Assisted Therapy in Manitoba once it becomes approved and within the regulatory framework. Jessica Gonzalez is a gestalt psychotherapist, MAPS-trained MDMA-assisted therapist, and Chief Experience Officer at ETI. Darek Dawda is a clinical psychologist in Manitoba, Clinical Director at the ETI, A MAPS-trained MDMA-assisted therapist, and host of the popular ‘Enhanced Therapy Podcast’ (available everywhere), where Darek talks with world experts in MDMA-Assisted Therapy. For further information and to sign up for updates on MDMA-Assisted Therapy please click the “Stay Up To Date” button below.

* Importantly, at this time, MDMA is illegal and MDMA-Assisted Therapy is available only in very restricted contexts (e.g., Health Canada‘s Special Access Program). We currently do not deliver MDMA-Assisted Therapy, and we do not condone any use of MDMA or MDMA-Assisted Therapy before regulatory approval. You will NOT be able to deliver MDMA-Assisted Therapy following this brief rudimentary training, now or after the approval of this therapy. 

* If all goes well, MDMA-Assisted Therapy might be approved for medical use in 2024 or 2025. We will provide trainees with a certificates of attendance following this training, but we do not provide formal CE credits, and whether our training will provide you with any future credentials will be determined only after the regulatory approval of MDMA-Assisted Therapy.