“Pamela Kryskow: And the Psychedelic Re-emergence″ – MDMA THERAPY PODCAST #19

Dr. Pamela Kryskow is a powerful force reshaping the Canadian psychedelic scene. In this episode, she talks about various psychedelic initiatives she helped co-create, including a progressive non-profit Roots to Thrive Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, the Psychedelic Association of Canada, the first Canadian post-graduate certificate in psychedelic therapies, and the largest-ever psilocybin microdosing study with over 33,000 participants.

MAPS PBC No Longer a Public Benefit Corporation

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has been admirably resistant to the pressures of the market economy for a long time. But the capital have won, again, and in a somewhat sad move, MAPS’s pharmaceutical arm, the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, has now become a conventionally structured pharmacological company called Lykos Pharmaceutical.

Rick Doblin is 70

Rick Doblin just turned 70, and I am writing this blog post to share my appreciation and respect for this man. 

“Safety: MDMA-Assisted Therapy 101″ with Darek Dawda – MDMA THERAPY PODCAST #18

In this third part of the MDMA-Assisted Therapy series, Dr. Darek Dawda reviews numerous topics related to safety. He argues that, given the nature of this therapy, extra emphasis on safety is of utmost importance, and that some aspects of safety, such as what happens after the dosing sessions, require much more attention than they have received to date. The importance of extended Informed Consent is emphasized. 

“MDMA Assisted Therapy 2024” with Rick Doblin – MDMA THERAPY PODCAST #17

Rick Doblin Portrait

Darek Dawda in conversation with Rick Doblin, a legendary visionary who founded MAPS, and who is just about to make one of the most effective known psychotherapies legally available for medical therapeutic use. Rick talks about his journey, the power of MDMA-Assisted Therapy, his thoughts on the future of humankind, and much more.

“How MDMA-Assisted Therapy reopens critical period for bonding” with Gül Dölen – MDMA THERAPY PODCAST #15

Gül’s work is essential for understanding why MDMA-Assisted Therapy is so capable of helping us learn how to love. In this episode, she explains that the critical window for social bonding can be reopened only if BOTH the drug AND the corrective relational experience are present. Hence, the therapeutic context is key to MDMA’s therapeutic benefit. Gül discusses a host of other ideas essential for understanding MDMA-Assisted Therapy.

Gül is a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins University. She has published in the most prestigious academic journals, including Neuron, Nature, and Science.